The Nutcracker in 3D

Year: 2010
Duration: 110 min
IMDb: 4.4
Country: UK, Hungary
1920s Vienna. Nine-year-old Mary lives in a home filled with lovely things and loneliness. Bothered by bratty brother Max and neglected by well intentioned, but distracted, parents, she yearns for companionship and adventure. On Christmas Eve, Mary&#39s beloved Uncle Albert arrives with the gift of a wooden nutcracker doll. Later that night, Mary&#39s imagination brings the doll to life. Introducing himself as "NC," he takes her on a wondrous journey through a stunning dimension where toys assume human form and everything appears ten times larger. But danger lurks. An army of toothy rat creatures, led by the flamboyant Rat King and his devious mother, has unleashed a plot to overthrow humanity. When NC is captured and placed under a paralytic spell, Mary, Max and a spirited band of toy sidekicks must rescue him from the Rat King&#39s clutches and thwart his wicked plans to &#39ratify&#39 the world.