From Justin to Kelly

Year: 2003
Duration: 81 min
IMDb: 2.1
Country: USA
Spring break in Miami is the scene. It&#39s where surf-drenched guys cruise girls in bikinis and raucous parties rule day and night. It&#39s the perfect time and place for three young women from Texas and a trio of college guys from Pennsylvania to find adventure and maybe even fall in love. In a Texas dive bar, Kelly is singing her heart out to a few local yokels when her best friends Kaya and Alexa try and tempt her away for some fun in the Florida sun. It&#39s an easy sell--even for the cautious Kelly - and the three head for Miami. Making their way to the same destination is the "Pennsylvania Posse": college students Justin, Brandon, and Eddie. Justin and Brandon are smooth-talking party promoters, while Eddie&#39s primed to meet Lizzie, the cyber dream girl he&#39s been e-mailing for months. Miami Beach, beating with a rhythm all its own, is teeming with beautiful people. Kelly&#39s friends are drawn into the beachside fun, while Kelly tentatively navigates a sea of strangers. When her eyes meet ...